Sunday Facebook LIVE

Kick Off with Ken Shelton, Desiree Alexander, and Andre Daughty


Monday Facebook LIVE

Digital Citizenship with Tim Wilhelmus, K.C. Boyd, Kerry Gallagher, Diana Gill, and Merve Lapus


Tuesday Facebook Live

Future of Education Post-Covid with Tom Whitby, Steven Anderson, Adam Bellow, Shaelynn Farnsworth, and Shawn Thomas

Wednesday Facebook LIVE

Maker Education in an Era of Social Distancing with Tim Wilhelmus, Steve Dembo, Nick Provenzano, Sylvia Martinez, Heather Lister, and Faith Plunkett

Desiree Alexander

Fast Hacks Using Google For Productivity


Steven Anderson

4 EdTech Ways to Support Differentiation


Adam Bellow

Escape the Zoom with BreakoutEDU


Buddy Berry

Creating the Coolest Lessons Ever!


K.C. Boyd

Marketing and Branding Your Library Media Center

Barbara Bray

Re-Defining Your WHY During Uncertain Times


Kristen Brooks

Microsoft TEAMS and Mobile Devices


Monica Burns

Ignite a Spark! from Consumption to Creation in a Flash

Richard Byrne

Google Earth & Maps – It’s More Than Social Studies

Holly Clark

Eight Superpowers for an Infused Classroom

Andre Daughty

It’s the Same Old Song: Things We Need to Consider Post Covid-19

Vicki Davis

Connecting Your Classroom in World Class Ways Even When at a Distance

Bob Dillon

The Impact of Learning Spaces on Student Mental Health

Amanda Dykes

Computer Science at a Distance

Michele Eaton

The Perfect Blend: Shifting from Remote to Blended

Andrew Fenstermaker

🤫Shhh……..Google Secrets!

Bill Ferriter

Tips and Tricks for Teaching Students in a Remote Learning Environment

Juliana Finegan & Nithi Thomas

Blended/Personalized Learning

Laura Fleming

Making GREAT Makerspaces

Rayna Freedman

10 Ways to Engage Readers, Bringing Authors Into Your Classroom

Clara Galan

Connecting Educators to EdTech

Kerry Gallagher

The Firehose and the Filter: Helping Students and Ourselves Manage the Flood of Information

Nadine Gilkison

Tech-Abilities for Struggling Readers

Diana Gill


Rebecca Hare

Creativity for All: Adobe Creative Educator

Kara Heichelbech

THINKing About Digital Citizenship

Manuel Herrera

Drawing as a Thinking Process – It’s More Than Sketchnoting

Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, & Sarah Landis

Remix that HyperDoc for Remote Learning

Briana Hodges

Lead with Story

Beth Holland

Beyond Access and Devices: The Often Ignored Challenges of Digital Equity

Kevin Honeycutt

Building REAL Relationships in Surreal Times

Nicol Howard

Re-envisioning Moving Forward despite the Inequities

Rushton Hurley

The Fun and Cool of Getting Better, Even Under the Cloud of Coronavirus

Kristina Ishmael

Revise Remix, Redesign: All Things Open Education Resources

Douglas Kiang

Belonging in STEM: Strategies for Supporting Girls and Minorities

Caitlin Krause

Meaningful Remote collaboration using Storytelling and XR

Caitlin Krause

Social “MindWise XR” SCUBA Training: How to Join a Virtual Reality Collaboration

Merve Lapus

New Remote Learning Resources from Common Sense

Sadie Lewis

Instructional Design: Developing a Framework for Engaging Learning

Heather Lister

Digital Making: Turn Any Device Into A Makerspace

Jesse Lubinsky, Micah Shippee, and Christine Lion-Bailey

Reality Bytes: Augmented Reality in K-12

Jesse Lubinsky, Micah Shippee, and Christine Lion-Bailey

Reality Bytes: Leveraging the Power of VR

Trevor MacKenzie

Bringing Inquiry Mindset to Your Classroom

Sylvia Martinez

Making the Future, Today

Michael Matera

Designed to Engage

Aaron Maurer

Purposeful Play with LEGO

Shannon McClintock Miller

Creative & Meaningful Ways to Keep Students Connected

Shawn McCusker

Powerful Immersive Learning Experiences

Caitlin McLemore & Fanny Passeport

Stretch Yourself! A Personalized Journey to Deepen Your Teaching

Joe & Kristin Merrill

Flipgrid in the InterACTIVE Class

Jake Miller

Educational Duct Tape

Matt Miller

8 Techy Ways to Make Class UNFORGETTABLE

Amanda Moore

Redesign the Learning Experience – Increase Student Agency

Tim Needles


Jenny Pieratt

PBL to Move Us Forward

Donnie Piercey

Storytelling through Google Earth

David Platt

Amplifying Student Voice and Choice with Podcasting

Faith Plunkett

Digital Making and Creating

Rachelle Dene Poth

Going Rogue in the Classroom

Nicholas Provenzano

reMake Education

Reshan Richards

Whiteboarding for Building Understanding Across Distance

Thomas Riddle

Imagineering Education

Nate & Angie Ridgway

Don’t Ditch That Tech: Remote Learning for Beginners/Intermediate Teachers

Pernille Ripp

Passionate Learners – How To Empower and Engage Your Students

Dan Ryder

Rigorous Whimsy & Critical Creativity: Using Creative Expression for Deeper Learning

Shelly Sanchez Terrell

How to Inspire a Generation of World Changers

Dean Shareski

Communities Over Classrooms

Ken Shelton

Storytelling, Creativity, and Design

Ben Sondgerath

Ignite Creativity in Your Chromebook Classroom

John Spencer

Vintage Innovation

Josh Stock

Creating Awesome Sauce Videos for the Classroom

Sarah Thomas

Teaching and Learning Through Video

Mandi Tolen

Make Math Googley

Cate Tolnai

Power Up Your Classroom: How to Build Relationships through Remote Gameplay

Krissy Venosdale

Get Creative with Google Slides

Brad Waid

Future Workforce Readiness

Adam Welcome

Teachers Deserve It

Don Wettrick

Education Past Coronavirus: Digitizing Compliance or Pushing Innovation

Chris Young

The Classroom Where It Happens

Claudio Zavala, Jr.

Storytelling with Adobe Spark