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Caitlin Krause



Caitlin Krause is a globally-recognized learning expert, author, and keynote speaker. In her book Mindful by Design and through her organizational consulting, she helps individual leaders and teams leverage mindfulness, storytelling, and design principles to connect more deeply with their audiences and communities.


As founder of the MindWise consultancy, co-founder of the Center of Wise Leadership, and an AI and virtual reality specialist, Caitlin contributes to building products and experiences that promote humanity, innovation, and emotional intelligence. She speaks extensively in Europe and North America, leading professional development and learning workshops. Caitlin has more than a decade of teaching experience as a full-time teacher in middle school and high school classrooms, and served as a curriculum designer and department chair, promoting mindful leadership models throughout organizations. She holds a BA from Duke University and an MFA from Lesley University and believes in embracing creative constraints, living a life filled with moments of wonder, and connecting with passion, purpose, and presence.

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Session Date Time Room
Mindful by Design: How to Use mindfulness, Design, and Storytelling for Innovation
Thursday, Oct. 17
Learn and get to practice firsthand how mindfulness, design thinking and storytelling thrive as connective forces, amplifying "integration, inclusion and innovation" in future-forward education communities with open, entrepreneurial mindsets.
TED Talks in Learning Worlds: Storytelling, Voice, and Impact
Friday, Oct. 18
We learn, remember and lead best through stories. The TED Talks theme is "ideas worth spreading" — ideas about Technology, Entertainment and Design. Engaging students to use their voices, serving as effective catalysts for change, involves them knowing how to tell stories, which is the skill of connecting and inspiring others to action. In this session, you’ll practice modeling idea-sharing that truly moves the listener. Caitlin Krause, a mindfulness expert, TED Talks curator and speaker coach, helps develop the "TED" mindset of using storytelling techniques to design bulletproof talks that result in better alignment with values, goals and objectives, positively impacting your professional environment. This session allows you to extend the learning to students, yet practice the techniques for yourself!
Spotlight Panel and Closing
Friday, Oct. 18

Panel discussion with Michele Eaton (moderator), Indiana Connected Educators Teacher of the Year, Les McBeth, Manuel Herrera, Caitlin Krause, Robert Dillon

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