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Dr. Robert Dillon

Educator, Author, Consultant



Dr. Robert Dillon has served as a thought leader in education over the last twenty years as a teacher, principal, and director of innovation. Dr. Dillon has a passion to change the educational landscape by building excellent engaging schools for all students. Dr. Dillon serves on the Leadership Team for Connected Learning, a Saint Louis based organization designed to reshape professional development to meet today’s needs. Dr. Dillon has had the opportunity to speak throughout the country at local, state, and national conferences as well as share his thoughts and ideas in a variety of publications. He is the author of many books on intentional design in learning, Leading Connected Classrooms Engage, Empower, Energize: Leading Tomorrow’s Schools Today, Redesigning Learning Space, The Space: A Guide for Educators, and Powerful Parent Partnerships.


Dr. Robert Dillon is an author, speaker, educator, and lifelong learner. His twenty plus years in education has seen him serve kids and families as a teacher, principal, technology director, and innovation leader. His primary focus is working to bring synergy to instructional design, technology infusion, and learning space design. He believes that in this synergy is the educational gold that students need to be successful citizens in a modern world. He works through an equity lens and looks to bring excellence to every classroom. For this work, he has been honored by Common Sense Media, The Center for Green Schools, the dSchool at Stanford University, the Buck Institute for Education, and Future Ready Schools. Dr. Dillon has had the opportunity to work with teachers and leaders throughout the country, and he continues to speak at local, regional, and national conferences. Dr. Dillon is the co-founder of ConnectED Learning, a Saint Louis non-profit dedicated to affordable, quality professional learning for teachers. He is the author of four books including his latest, The Space: A Guide for Educators. He is supported in his work by his wife and two amazing daughters.

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Starting the Learning Space Design Conversation
Thursday, Oct. 17
Key questions are emerging in the conversations happening in schools around learning space design. This session looks at nine key questions that when considered by all stakeholders can bring a new lens to how to design spaces that impact learning. These questions support all teachers, and they are designed to be used with all school buildings from the oldest to the new build. 
Key Levers for Maximizing School Change
Thursday, Oct. 17
The best schools are using some of the same tactics to move forward in their efforts to redesign learning and schools. These tactics, based in research, allow schools to shift their work to areas that make a powerful difference for the lives of all students. This session synthesizes the work of many schools around their country and their success in supporting the whole child. 
Designing with Intention
Friday, Oct. 18
Inertia, momentum, and tradition can cause friction in the education system in a time when change and innovation are essential. This presentation looks at how some schools and districts are using the power of intentional design to sync their efforts to design instructional practices that impact, use technology tools for creation, and create physical spaces optimized for the modern learner. It will contain practical ideas and tips for continuing this change journey in your space. 
Closing Spotlight Panel: Designed for Learning
Friday, Oct. 18

Panel discussion with Michele Eaton (moderator), Indiana Connected Educators Teacher of the Year, Les McBeth, Manuel Herrera, Caitlin Krause, Robert Dillon